Our Techniques

Our chiropractors are experienced in a range of techniques. From the basic chiropractic techniques studied at University, to the more complex techniques learned through experience and further study, we offer a range of treatment styles. Using your history, examination findings and in some cases x-rays/CT/MRI, your chiropractor will recommend the technique which is best suited to your body and your preferences.


Your peace-of-mind is important to us and we take the time to discuss what kind of adjustments you would prefer. We offer manual adjustments (hands-on), but we do understand that this technique is not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, if the idea of cracking/popping noises puts you off chiropractic then this technique is not for you, we can advise you about other non-cracking, low force adjustments which we also offer. These techniques are just as effective as manual adjustments but avoid the cracking noise.



What we offer:

  • manual diversified techniques (hands-on adjustments)
  • manual gonstead techniques (hands-on narrowed field adjustments)
  • joint mobilisation techniques (hands-on movement of joints to improve range of motion)
  • activator adjustments (small hand-held instrument)
  • biomechanical blocks or SOT (wedge-shaped blocks placed under the pelvis)
  • drop-piece adjustments (using specialised table)
  • traction therapy (broad based stretching aiding in disc issues)
  • applied kinesiology or AK (using muscle testing techniques to improve function)
  • soft tissue techniques such as trigger point therapy, PIR, and PNF (muscle tension release)
  • nutritional support (practitioner only range of vitamins and minerals)
  • active exercise prescription (to allow for strengthening or rehabilitation of muscles)
  • home or work stretches (prevent tension build up)
  • work-place aids (improve function in the work place)